Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform
Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform

Saxon Insurance migrates cloud.

About Saxon

The client is a wholly Caymanian owned insurance company. The client strives to protect all people in Cayman through smart, flexible and affordable insurance.


Saxon Insurance is a leading insurance firm, the industry’s first exclusive online service site to rate
quote, submit claims and purchase auto insurance. The client has been providing smart insurance policies for the last 50 years in the Cayman Islands.

The client successfully migrated to the cloud with the help of Axiom’s team, enhancing performance
and efficiency to remotely manage its application.

Customer Requirements

  • The client wanted to exit the datacenter and move to cloud but was worried about the possible downtime.
  • The client’s insurance application was hosted in a single datacenter, with issues in application performance and connectivity.
  • The client had challenges with the lack of proper load balancing in the existing system and known latency issues.

Why Axiom?

Axiom, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, has a decade of experience in implementing cloud native workloads. With over 15+ enterprises and 50,000 servers’ migration to the cloud, Axiom has a proven approach to harness the power of the cloud. Axiom’s approach provides faster, cost-effective and successful cloud transition with zero business impact.


As a mandatory practice at Axiom, the engagement started with a quick assessment of the infrastructure and application landscape.

The team:

  • Used Microsoft Azure as a cloud service provider.
  • Identified the closest Azure regions and DR locations.
  • Used Microsoft Azure’s Recovery Services Vault to migrate from DC to Azure.
  • Completed the development of the platform within a span of 4 weeks.


Technologies used:

  • Azure Site Recovery Vault
  • Windows PowerShell

The Results

With the help of Axiom team, Saxon Insurance successfully performed DC exit without any downtime.
The client:

  • Migrated to Microsoft Azure with enhanced performance and efficiency.
  • Migrated data and VMs successfully within a month.
  • Automated saved resources and the cost.
  • Eliminated latency.
  • Effectively implemented the disaster recovery processes in different regions.


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