Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform
Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform

OneForce Reduces Time-To-Market Leveraging the Build, Operate and Transfer Model

About One force

OneForce is a US-based startup founded in 2021. It implements AI- powered automation to simplify hiring and lead generation activities. OneForce combines artificial intelligence with deep subject matter expertise to automate routine manual tasks.

Executive Summary

OneForce is a software company specializing in knowledge work automation. It leverages AI to automate recruitment and marketing tasks for enterprises.
The client wanted to build their platform on AWS using the latest cloud architectural components with NoSQL database, serverless functions and DevOps processes.
The client reached out to Axiom to hire a product development team. Implementing the Build, Operate and Transfer model, as OneForce conceived the idea for the product, Axiom built the engineering team for them. The team would go on to become a part of OneForce once the operations are in progress.

Customer Requirements

  • Engineering Team
    OneForce required a tech team that could build their product and manage it going forward.
  • A Cloud-Native Application
    The client required the platform to be built with AWS for high availability and scalability.

Why Axiom?

Axiom enables companies to bring ideas to life with scalable and fast product development designed for the cloud. An AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Citrix and Azure Partner, Axiom accelerates high-impact innovations.


Axiom provided the client with an experienced tech team that has now become a part of the client’s company.

  • The team built a serverless SaaS platform that is based on the Microservices architecture using API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Aurora Serverless configuration (PostgreSQL).
  • AWS Cognito has been used to create user registration and the basic roles of admins and users.

Next Steps

Stripe payments and brand integrations will be added in the future releases of the client’s applications and its corresponding database schema will be extended. Machine learning and reporting capabilities will also be implemented as per the requirements.

The Results

With Axiom’s team building the platform, the client did not have to spend precious time hiring the developers.

  • The client can automatically scale their application as and when required
  • With AWS services, the client has to pay only for what the use can easily manage user sign-up, sign-in, and access controle
  • Amazon Cognito also supports multi-factor authentication and encryption of data-at-rest and in-transit, which ensures maximum protection of client application and data.

“As we've reached our production milestone, we would like to work with Axiom more strategically. Axiom's team has dealt with cloud security and operations in the past and hence them taking up these functions makes sense. There is no point of us building another in-house team for that.”

- Andy Zhulenev,

CEO, OneForce


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