Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform
Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform

Ofofo builds MVP with BOTs.

About OfOfO

Ofofo is a cybersecurity marketplace startup based in Bengaluru, India and founded in 2020. The platform provides tools and recommendations that simplify buying decisions and improve the cyber resilience of the SMBs.


Ofofo is an AI/ML enabled marketplace platform that helps SMBs find, buy and implement cybersecurity products and solutions.
The Ofofo team had reached out to Axiom to hire a team and get the application built.
Implementing the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) model, as Ofofo conceived the idea for the platform, Axiom built the minimum viable product (MVP). The engineering team provided by Axiom will go on to become a part of Ofofo once the operations are in progress.

Customer Requirements

  • Engineering Team
    Ofofo required a tech team that would build their platform and manage it going forward.
  • Cloud Native Application
    The customer’s platform being a cybersecurity marketplace was required to be built on cloud with the highest availability and scalability.
  • Cloud Preference
    AWS services and tools were preferred by the customer for the development of the platform.

Why Axiom?

Axiom enables companies to bring ideas to life with scalable and fast product development designed for the cloud. An AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Citrix and Azure Partner, Axiom accelerates high-impact innovations.


Axiom provided Ofofo with an experienced team that has built the first version of the MVP.

The tech stack used to build the platform includes

MySQL Database









AWS services used


AWS Lambda

AWS CodePipeline



Implementation details
The phase 1 development of the platform was completed within a span of 4 months 6 full stack engineers, 1 quality analyst and 1 dedicated Project Manager were provided by Axiom.

Next Steps

The second phase of MVP development that includes setting up email notification services, stripe payments, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) is in progress for the client.

The Results

With AWS services, the client has the option to scale whenever required.
 With Amazon Cognito implemented, the client can control the access and authentication of all AWS resources. This maximizes the security of the AWS ecosystem of the client
 The Axiom team will eventually move on to become full-time employees of Ofofo, thereby managing their platform effectively.

“Finding the right technology partner is always difficult, more so for an innovative startup in its early stages. Axiom, as our technology development partner, understood Ofofo’s unique requirements and brought its deep cloud expertise and vast development experience to work for us.”

- James Selvam,

Co-founder, Ofofo


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