Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform
Meet us at Konnect - The Flagship Event of Kalaam Telecom at Bahrain on 5th June, 2024.
See you at GITTEX GLOBAL 14-18 October 2024 as we launch our AI based Xops Platform

Blue Yonder Enables Smarter Working with Citrix

About BlueYonder

Blue Yonder provides end-to-end supply chain management solutions that enable companies to optimize business decisions. Founded in 1985 and located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Blue Yonder enables retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to seamlessly predict, pivot and fulfill customer demand.


Applying over 35 years of domain expertise, Blue Yonder provides a digital supply chain platform that improves inventory visibility and forecasting for brands.
The client had reached out to Axiom for a requirement of deploying Citrix infrastructure across Azure cloud and on-premises infrastructure for 4000 end-users.

Customer Requirements

  • Upgradation of Citrix
    The client needed to upgrade to Citrix 7.15 version from Citrix 6.15.
  • Citrix Deployment
    The client needed to deploy Citrix 7.15 with NetScaler in 8 data centers across various regions for more than 4000 users, while facing issues with Palo Alto Networks firewall.

Why Axiom?

Axiom, being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Azure and Citrix partner, has been
providing cloud solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for more than 8 years.
It offers multi-tenant desktop virtualization services through Citrix on Azure, Citrix on AWS, Azure WVD, AWS WorkSpaces and AWS AppStream.
Till date, the Axiom team has deployed 100000+ desktops and server VDIs (virtual desktop infrastructure).


The Axiom team implemented the Global Server Load (GSLB) approach of deployment with on-premises Citrix deployment.
The team leveraged automation to deploy and configure the Citrix components which include StoreFront, PVS, Delivery Controller, NetScaler and Director. The entire process included:
• Citrix on Azure deployment
• Virtual desktop agent installations
• Configuring machine catalogs
• Configuring delivery groups
• Publishing applications

Implementation details:
• PowerShell scripts were used to install and configure the client application on virtual machines across the 8 regions.
• Windows PowerShell, Citrix Virtual Apps and Citrix ADC (Application Delivery Controller) are the technologies used.

The Results

The solution implemented impacted the client’s end-users such as Clarks, Alshaya, Lumber Liquidate, Travins Perkins, Children’s Place, Doller General, Starbucks, SRG, Under Armor, and Femsa.

The end-users now have high security and with GSLB implemented, can login to the\ remote desktops to their nearest data centers.


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