Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

When considering migration to cloud, it is vital for enterprises to properly plan the order in which applications and environments are migrated to the cloud. Both business and technology considerations need to be taken into account.

With deep expertise in building business and data analytics applications, Axiom IO ensures high speed and availability. Our methodology delivers complex migrations in a hassle-free and coordinated manner. Third-party tools and pre-defined templates are used for specific workloads. We provide faster, cost-effective and successful transition with zero business impact.




Inventory of existing infrastructure


Assess dependencies
Determine risks
Prioritize applications

Determine the migration path


Rehost (lift and shift using migration tools)
Refactor (lift, tinker, and migrate)
Replace (redevelop as a SaaS version) 
Rebuild (redesign and build from scratch)

Migrate workloads


Test and deploy

Monitor logs and performance

Assimilate learnings

Move on to next migration