One way to maximize on benefits is by incorporating the Axiom IO Engineering VGPU which gives you multiple advantages such as:

Flexibility and improved communication

This feature allows engineers to design and view generated Graphics from anywhere using any gadget. By using VGPU, any user can create graphics within the system which is viewable and shared to all the other users. Most importantly it will provide a uniformed approach to work project as all teams remain continually updated with the necessary information.

Fast Software Upgrade

For large engineering companies such as oil rig companies, updating thousands of computer gadgets is expensive and cost ineffective. The VGPU allows you only to update one master device and the new software duplicates to the rest of devices saving time and money.

Data storage and access

The VGPU allows centralized storage of data which is accessible to multiple users in the system. Most computer servers allow only use of a few logged in personnel for a given time which profoundly lowers the project workflow. The VPGU runs smoothly increasing your gadgets efficiency and ensuring constant output which is paramount for profitability.

Increased graphics capability

The VGPU increases your computer Graphics abilities with advanced 3D capabilities. You easily take graphics from the workstations and analyze them from any location while giving you the same live experience. The system is highly efficient while co-coordinating multiple workstations.

Traditional use of primary servers and desktops in engineering operations is slow, expensive and inefficient. Securing an Axiom IO virtual GPU is the best step towards saving time, cost, increasing data security, and boosting the output of your operations. For more information, call us.