Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

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IaaS is a virtual computing solution to those companies who are working in a hybrid environment facing constant challenges in IT resource management. Hardware setup at work environment are known to be very expensive and need constant support from a dedicated IT and testing team.

At Axiom IO, we understand your fundamental Infrastructure needs, which are able to deploy and arbiter software network on any operating systems. In simple terms,our Infrastructure as a Service allows you to create a program that can keep up with and consume various infrastructure elements based on demand.

Instead of buying the required resources in your data center, rent our services! This is a highly practical approach that can be paid per use. Axiom IO IaaS services are very similar when it comes to both public and private environments.

Scalability and Elasticity

  • Our Infrastructure as a Service keeps pace with your needs and enables you to handle competitive pressure.
  • We help to deliver enterprise needs to achieve desired business outcomes in a step by step manner with a creative approach, in-depth advice and effective planning.
  • When it comes to Axiom IO IaaS services the possibilities are limitless in scalability and agility that responds according to accelerating market matrix.
  • Axiom IO IaaS virtual model guarantees the highest levels of security, powerful storage serves and networking technology.
  • Our IaaS technology and flexibility helps your company to respond to new opportunities and reduce complexity.

Additional Benefits of Axiom IO’s IaaS

  • Axiom IO Cloud Stack models help you to create your own enterprise solution that can ramp up your work rapidly.
  • Our services not only provides the ability to compute through remote access via net connectivity, but also offers reliable solutions to large scale companies with dynamic computers to test and develop new applications.
  • Right from resource sharing to high performance computing, Axiom IO offers the best of its services.

Every enterprise, whether it is large scale or small scale has to face the changing market needs and demands. Every organization has a recovery plan, technologies and business continuity strategies to keep the process functioning as usual. Axiom IO IaaS technology helps to set an easy recovery plan which is quick, result oriented and with no loss of data.

Our cloud hosting services helps to move entire infrastructure to the cloud and you can choose whether to pay as you go or subscribe as per your requirements. While our experts handle the entire enterprise infrastructure, your company can focus on which services are best to establish themselves in the market.