Cloud Managed Services

Applying cloud for expanding applications

Whether you plan on moving your legacy apps to Cloud or think about building cloud-based application development from scratch, there are multiple ways to migrate. Cloud application development has helped enterprises reduce cost and time-to-market, improve performance and enable agility and flexibility

Cloud computing or simply “the cloud” enables global access to various services such as software development platforms, servers, storage, and virtual desktops on the on-demand pay-per-use applications. Unlike on-premise concepts, where you are supposed to keep required servers, storage units, network infrastructure, and other IT facilities in-house, and continuously invest into their maintenance and modernization, cloud computing keeps the mentioned aspects out of your operations and lets you focus on the core of your business solution

Axiom IO brings years of experience and expertise in custom web application development to design, develop, deploy, and maintain cloud-based and SaaS applications, letting our clients focus on the core of their businesses.