Empower Remote working with AWS Workspaces

In order to deal with the disruptive context caused by the sanitary emergency, solutions are needed to enable companies to give continuity to their business.Dealing with the day-to-day challenges is possible if we choose the right tools in order to adapt them to the needs of each company and client.

One of the greatest allies for carrying out these tasks is undoubtedly cloud computing, thanks to its advantages, it enables teams with flexible and easily accessible tools. Therefore, we want to talk about some of Amazon Web Services‘ products that will enable your company have a100% digital, efficient and secure remote workspace environment.

What Is Amazon WorkSpaces?

Amazon WorkSpaces is virtualisation for the desktop, otherwise known as Desktop-as-a-Service. You can think of it as your employees’ entire desktop layout and functionality from their office computer, but hosted in the Amazon cloud, and pipe the pixels to the employee’s personal computer or tablet.

With WorkSpaces, you create either Windows or Linux desktop configurations for users, which includes all the software your team uses in the office, plus your regular comms tools, email, and access to your file systems.

Instead of having your users download and install software to continue work at home, their personal device simply has the office desktop available via WorkSpaces. Compute and graphics calculations are done in the cloud, which means the only important thing employees need is a working desktop, laptop, or tablet, and a strong enough internet connection – to do all of their work, with zero self-configuration (only an easy enrolment), all from home.

You can also use WorkSpaces in the office, to give employees the same working environment at work, at home, or on the road.


Scale up or down

Up to thousands of desktops can be launched in seconds.

Doesn’t require many resources on the user’s side

The heavy work is done in the cloud.


Data isn’t sent to or stored on the user’s device, data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Sandboxed environment

WorkSpaces runs in a secure, sandboxed environment, from the cloud so that your employees’ underlying system processes cannot access your company resources.


With a strong network connection, response time is near-instant when used in WorkSpaces regions.

Active Directory integration

For fast user grouping strategies and access control.

BYO Windows licensing

You can use your Windows enterprise licensing on each of your Amazon WorkSpaces.

Can be used across almost any device

This includes Windows and Mac desktops, laptops, and tablets (including iPads), Chromebooks, Android tablets, Fire tablet, and even simply through Chrome or Firefox on another device (although this experience may be less responsive/laggy).