Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop - As - A - Service For Speed and Reliability

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based desktop virtualization solution hosted in the public cloud. The cloud provider is responsible for all back-end infrastructure including desktop storage, compute, networking and the virtual machines with the desktop operating systems.

Axiom IO offers subscription-based multi-tenant desktop virtualization service. The virtual desktops are accessible for end-user devices, allowing anytime, anywhere access to Windows desktops and applications.

End User Computing (Digital Workplace) is a growing trend among organizations ranging from SMEs to large enterprises. It is quite necessary to have seamless working condition owing to the fast-growing trend of WFA (work from anywhere). Our clients look to End User Computing to really take advantage of the manageable benefits of virtual infrastructure. 

AxiomIO is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS with highly skilled AWS cloud experts who can deliver the best in class user experience on Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkLink, Amazon CloudTrail and Amazon AppStream 2.0.



Windows virtual desktop by Microsoft Azure is a perfect solution for desktop virtualization. It offers support for Windows, Android, Mac end user devices and HTML5  to access remote desktops and apps for any modern browser.

With the help of Amazon Workspaces, you don’t need to over-buy desktops and laptops. You can have access to cloud desktops on-demand to meet your user’s needs.

Modernize  your on premises desktop virtualization environment, introduce hybrid cloud architecture and fully migrate to the cloud on Citrix architecture.