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Desktops-as-a-Service from Axiom IO empowers business with anytime, anywhere, any device access to business applications, data, communications and IT services. Desktops-as-a-Service is a complete, business-ready solution delivered as a cloud service with predictable, pay-as-you-go monthly billing. Desktops-as-a-Service provides businesses with a better approach to IT. One that is simple, flexible and affordable.

Reduce IT Infrastructure Cost and Grow Your Business

Moving to DaaS and Hosted Workspaces means your organization no longer has to manage desktops and applications, unlocking time and budget so your business to focus on what matters most. Your IT team is also able to focus on more strategic initiatives instead of software updates, patches and ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of Desktop as a Service

Predictable and Simple IT Costs

The predictable subscription-based costs and ability to scale cloud-hosted desktops are key benefits of DaaS. Enterprise class technology is available on an accessible pay-as-you-go model that enables businesses to scale up in busy seasons and reduce expenditures. Expensive and difficult to forecast capital expenditures are shifted into a predictable monthly expense, making it easier and faster to onboard new employees, manage new locations and adapt to business changes.

Access from Any Device and Location

Give your employees the choice and flexibility to work from any device and any location. Users of our cloud hosted desktops have secure, single-click access to their office workspaces and all of their mobile, SaaS and Windows apps, including seamlessly-integrated email, file sharing and sync, browser and IT services. At the same time, IT gains control over desktop and mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning, and support capabilities.

Built-in Business Continuity

Because your applications, data and computing reside off-site in a secure location, your business is safer in case of illness or disaster. Hosted desktops and applications gives your business a built-in business continuity and a disaster-recovery plan that enables your employees to continue to work from any device – ensuring your business can continue to run in the event of a local disruption.

Better than PC Experience

In a world where BYOD, working anywhere from a laptop, and working at home are normal activities, DaaS makes even more sense as you get computing experience that is better than PC.

  • Easy to use windows app with a mobile look and feel
  • Smooth voice, video and multimedia experience
  • Support for USB and other local devices
  • Optimized for 2D business and 3D professional graphics applications

What makes Desktop as a Service from Axiom IO different?

Citrix based Stable Solution – The DaaS services from Axiom IO are powered by Citrix technology. Our hosted desktops run on some of the world-class infrastructure to empower your mobile workforce with low TCO, high security, and maximum flexible features.

Stronger Team of Experts – Axiom IO’s experienced team will build an efficient cloud solution that precisely addresses your organization’s cloud strategy.

Time to Market – Our business ready hosted Desktop as a Service enables you to get started with your cloud strategy in no time.

24/7 Technical Support – With our reliable 24/7 Technical Support, we make sure that you can reach an Axiom IO’s Customer Service representative around the clock.


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