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Get cost-effective cloud, server and desktop virtualization.

Ready for an open-source virtualization platform for managing cloud, server and desktop virtual infrastructure? Axiom IO has the answer. Optimized for virtual desktops and cloud computing, XenServer virtualizes demanding workloads and automates management process to lower costs and increase IT flexibility. Purpose-built to scale, now you can maintain security and manage multi-tenant cloud environments with less time and resources, enabling you to focus on your core business functions without slowing down.

Key Features

Cloud-ready and Scalable

XenServer directly integrates with leading public clouds like Apache CloudStack and comes with security and scalability enhancements to suit various cloud environments.

High-performance Infrastructure

Delivers a complete virtual infrastructure that includes a 64-bit hypervisor with live migration, centralized management for hosts and virtual machines, and easy on-boarding.

Datacenter Automation Capabilities

Enables users to streamline critical business processes, maintain a feasible disaster recovery plan, lower power consumption and increase server performance.

Advanced Integration & Management

With optimized integration between physical and virtual resources, XenServer delivers rapid provisioning, tiered access to virtual machines, storage integration and granular management of virtual environments.

Find out why XenServer is an ideal option for managing cloud, server and desktop virtual infrastructure. Call us at 510-254-3342.