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Mobilize your business with app and desktop virtualization.

Looking for a technology approach that helps you do more with app and desktop virtualization? If so, XenDesktop is something to consider. As a virtual application delivery solution, XenDesktop delivers Windows apps and desktops as secure mobile services, giving you centralized control, and ensuring that users can work securely within Windows apps and desktops from anywhere. And with FlexCast Services and HDX Technology, you get unparalleled user experience, operations management, automation and scalability. In addition, XenDesktop features VDI desktops, hosted physical desktops, remote PC access and offline client virtualization.

Key Features

Desktop Virtualization

Flexible platform designed to deliver any use case, with flexible delivery options, simplified operations, elimination of image management sprawl and more.

Shorter Transaction Times

Decreases transaction times of client / server applications by as much as 300%.

Real-Time Provisioning

Enables organizations to deliver apps and desktops on-demand, saving significant amounts of time and decreasing on-boarding costs.

Secured, Centralized Data

A secure datacenter centralizes all applications and protects organizations from losing data or compromising sensitive information.

Reduced App Management Costs

Streamlines deployment of applications, in addition to lifecycle management to reduce app management labour (CDN) vs. labor (US) costs by up to 90%.

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