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Wish to own and operate as a Citrix Service Provider Business? Not sure where to start?

AxiomIO is your MASTER CSP Partner, we are here to make you profitable with Hosting!

End users today demand high quality access to applications, desktops and data from anywhere on any device. The Axiom IO CSP platform gives the ability to easily provide Citrix virtual services, without having to manage and maintain the complex Citrix infrastructure. This allows you to quickly get you business running with minimal investment in knowledge and equipment

AxiomIO can help you with:

  • Build your Citrix Service Provider Business
  • Build on any Cloud Amazon, Azure, IBM etc.
  • Provide ways to reduce your CSP’s spend
  • Scale from 1 to Millions of users
  • Automate processes, freeing staff and frustration
  • Provide further Tenant Isolation without increasing costs
  • Offer expandable options to Hybrid architecture
  • Install the CSP reference architecture on any Public Cloud
  • Support 3D deployment for CAD applications
  • Support 24/7 for all CSP’s products
  • Self Service onboarding portal with CPSM (Cloud Portal Services Manager)


For more information, fill out the form for a free consultation and let us show you how we can help you maximize your potential.