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Citrix Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) allows users at branch locations connect to cloud applications in a seamless, secure, and reliable fashion. SD-WAN takes advantage of inexpensive broadband internet services, to find ways to intelligently route Internet-bound traffic from remote branches.

Axiom IO’s Managed SD-WAN (SD-WAN as a Service) follows the validated Citrix SD-WAN architecture to design, deploy and support SD-WAN environments. This provides flexibility and cost savings of SD-WAN, while minimizing the frustrations of managing infrastructure and connectivity.

SD-WAN provides;

  • Agility: SD-WAN helps organizations by reducing the time it takes to provision branch-office networks by 50% to 80%.
  • Reduced costs: Save on hardware, software and IT resources, especially in branch offices, through zero-touch provisioning and automation. Savings are also realized by leveraging low-cost internet circuits.
  • Improved reliability:  By reducing the chance for errors and automating many manual configuration tasks reliability is improved.
  • Improved performance: SD-WAN solutions enable improved performance through simplicity, scalability, visibility and high availability. An ideal SD-WAN solution also offers WAN optimization to improve application performance and employee productivity.

Managed SD-WAN from Axiom IO allows you to refine the application delivery process, increase security, performance and reliability of traditional enterprise applications, SaaS applications and virtual desktops.

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