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Maximize Cloud Scalability with NetScaler

Need a better way to make data and app delivery work for you, while enhancing user experiences? Axiom IO leverages the power of Citrix NetScaler as a service delivery networking platform to optimize, control and protect the delivery of enterprise and cloud services. And with the most contemporary technology available, NetScaler makes applications run more effectively, reducing the amount organizations need to spend on web application ownership, enhancing user experience and ensuring apps are performing 24/7.

What is NetScaler?

NetScaler Solutions
Citrix NetScaler MPX

An entire portfolio of hardware-based application delivery appliances that support 500 Mbps to 120 Gbps of performance.

  • Manages web applications for websites with the highest volume of traffic
  • Features load balancing for relatively smaller enterprises that can be tailored according to need
  • Provides high-performance security via the nCore-powered, ICSA-certified NetScaler AppFireWall
  • Powers a wide range of services, including SSL termination and global server load balancing, for all applications, thanks to flex tenancy
NetScaler VPX

Software-based virtual appliances run on widely deployed hypervisors and support 10 Mbps to 3 Gbps levels of performance.

  • Enables architecting for private and public cloud infrastructures, including self-service capabilities and on-demand provisioning
  • Able to be deployed in non-productive, testing and staging environments to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of development
  • Well-suited for architecturing and scaling multi-tenant infrastructures
  • Offers support for small to mid-size businesses that need to better deliver widely used applications
NetScaler SDX
  • Hardware-based appliances with advanced virtualization that consolidate up to 80 independently-managed NetScaler instances and support up to 120 Gbps of overall performance.
  • Ideal single, scalable platform for enabling datacenter consolidation
    Covers all the bases required for multi-tenancy
  • Maintains consistent support for multiple isolated tenants, all on one platform
  • Powers flexible application delivery capabilities as applications migrate from enterprise data centers to cloud environments during datacenter build-outs

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