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Citrix Consulting Services  We don’t Sugar Coat IT!

Axiom IO provides Affordable Remote Citrix consulting services with the highest levels of efficiency, manageability and agility for your Citrix environment.

We’ve heard it all…
Any of these Citrix complaints sound familiar?


  • Citrix is slow!
  • My Citrix user experience sucks.
  • It takes forever to login, I need to grab a coffee and come back before things load.
  • We are running an old version of Citrix and need to upgrade to the latest and greatest.
  • We don’t need full time Citrix staff, I have better things to do like growing my business!
  • I can’t print properly with Citrix!
  • I keep getting disconnected and nobody understands why, it’s very frustrating.
  • We have all these different devices and can’t get them working, so much for BYOD!
  • Citrix is too expensive and we don’t have Citrix software maintenance. (SWM)
  • Why do we need NetScaler now?
  • Do we even need Citrix? Won’t RDP do the trick instead?
  • We need help with Citrix XenServer, I don’t want to use VMWare.
  • We need to get off the old Citrix Web Interface and move to Citrix Storefront.
  • We need to secure our Citrix environment, this can’t wait!
  • We need to grow our business, not waste time managing and supporting Citrix.
  • We are an MSP/CSP but have other important tasks to conquer, we are looking to outsource our environment to a reputable authorized Citrix partner.
We have News for you – 9/10 the ‘so called’ Citrix problem is not related to Citrix and is a misconfiguration.  Axiom IO Citrix Consulting can help setup, fix and accelerate your implementation and minimize risk. You get the expertise of a seasoned 24/7 Citrix Consulting Team to successfully deploy your Citrix solutions in any phase of your project.
AxiomIO’s Citrix Consulting
 is a team of 55 employees with Offices in the USA, Canada and India. We are certified in the following Technologies and never stop learning. Microsoft, VMware, Citrix CSA and Citrix CSP Diamond Validated Partners. With in house knowledge managing real production environments using Citrix NetScaler, Apache CloudStack, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenServer, CPSM – Cloud Portal Service Manager, PVS – Citrix Provisioning Services, AppDNA.  Axiom IO programming languages including Java, Python and Ruby. Extensive cloud experience with CloudStack, OpenStack, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Google compute engine, Microsoft Azure and Docker. Experience with APIs, orchestration, automation, DevOps and databases like NoSQL.

Save yourself from Citrix frustration and call us today 510-254-3342 or fill out the “Contact Us” form.