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Increase efficiency. Improve customer satisfaction. And make IT-as-a-Service work to your advantage.

Looking for better efficiencies without sacrificing customer service and support? With Citrix CloudPortal, you get a comprehensive platform that streamlines delivery of cloud services and business management operations within the cloud, allowing for automated delivery of IT-as-a-Service to better your bottom line.
CloudPortal enables businesses that are run in the cloud to increase profits by simplifying customer service and critical business processes, including on-boarding, billing and metering, and provisioning of cloud services. Translation? Increased efficiency and lowered management costs—providing customers with self-service administration options that can save time and money.

Key Features

CloudPortal Business Manager

Enables companies to deliver a comprehensive set of cloud services that easily integrate with existing business, operations and IT systems, CloudPortal Business Manager provides efficient delivery of self-service and IT operations within datacenters.

CloudPortal Services Manager

Gives Citrix Service providers the ability to streamline, scale and better manage the provisioning of cloud-based desktops and complete hosted mobile workspaces.

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