Saxon Insurance achieves enhanced performance and efficiency through a seamless migration to Azure

Client Background

Saxon is a leading insurance firm, offering the industry’s first exclusive buy online service site to rate quote, submit claims and purchase auto insurance. Saxon has provided smart insurance policies for the last 50 years in the Cayman Islands.

The Challenge

The client’s insurance application was hosted on Axiom IO datacenter, over the time users experienced glitches in application performance and connectivity issues due to the addition of new feature and increase in number of users accessing the application.

The Solution

Upon on deep dive analysis, we have suggested migration to Azure Cloud for deployment/migrations of Virtual Machines to an Azure region which is close to the client location. We have suggested Azure in-built Recovery Services Vault to migrate virtual machines from on-premises to Azure Cloud.

The Implementation

Prepare on-premises machines for migration to Azure

  • Verify migration limitations.
  • Check operating system requirements and support limitations.
  • Review URL and port access for machines to migrate.
  • Review potential changes required prior to the migration.
  • Configure the settings so that the drive letters are preserved after migration.
  • Prepare machines to connect to the Azure VMs after migration.

Migrate machines from on-prem to Azure Cloud

  • Validate machine requirements for migration and prepare a machine for the Azure Migrate replication appliance, used to discover and migrate machines to Azure.
  • Add Azure Migrate Server Migration tool in the Azure Migrate hub.
  • Set up replication appliance.
  • Install Mobility service on machines to migrate.
  • Enable replication.
  • Run a test migration to ensure everything is working as expected.
  • Run a one-time failover to Azure and Validate the Application
  • Run a final failover and shut down the source VMs (old VMs)

The Result

Enhanced performance and efficiency, automation to avoid manual tasks which saved resources and efforts and above all, the cost.

Latency was eliminated, and DR feature was enabled for required VMs, this significantly reduced the required time to replicate VMs to different regions.