Axiom IO helps P3 Data Systems to reduce IT costs

Client Background

P3 collaborates with clients through its innovative solution, XML Edge, the first true single-source platform, to structure content with precision, improve reporting efficiency, enhance communication channels, and empower “File with Style” compliance. Client Specialties are Financial Reporting, XBRL,Structured Data, Business Process Automation and Optimization, Data Analytics, Distributed Ledger
Technology (Blockchain).

The Challenge

P3DS is in a need of redeploying the current Citrix Virtual apps and desktop environment using Citrix and AWS cloud with high availability and enhanced security standards. In addition to this, managing users and applications should be done from a single dashboard.

The Solution

As part of the Discovery phase, our Architects have done a detailed analysis on the On-Premise Citrix set up. Based on the analysis, we have proposed the combination of AWS cloud and Citrix cloud to deploy the solution.
Architecture was designed in such a way that Citrix’s AppServers are deployed in multiple zones for High availability and Citrix components are hosted on Citrix Cloud, since Citrix Cloud provides High availability for the components hosted on it. Okta has been implemented for user management in single dashboard.

The Implementation

As part of the solution , the following components are deployed:

  • Citrix Cloud connectors.
  • Citrix Cloud configuration.
  • Federation Authentication Service.
  • Okta Integration.
  • AWS Cloud Watch, Lambda function, Cloud Trail, Config service and IAM policies.
  • Configuration of Environment Security, Monitoring, Maintenance, and High availability in AWS.

Technologies used


  • Citrix MCS is used to deploy AppServers


  • Citrix Cloud is used to host Citrix management servers


  • Okta Integration with Active Directory
  • Okta Integration with NetScaler using Federation Authentication Service


  • AWS Systems Manager
  • AWS Backup

Security Components


  • Alerts were configured to trigger any changes in the environment
  • Simple notification service is implemented to push alerts, regularly

AWS Security Hardening

  • Security hardening (CIS Benchmark) is implemented in the environment

The Result

  • The proposed solution on the cloud has reduced the cost and efforts tremendously
  • User management is integrated in single dashboard
  • Application is highly secured with Environment security, High availability and scalability