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Client Background

A proprietary institution which offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs onsite and online in five colleges of study.

The Challenge

This organization operates an extensive educational network in the U.S., encompassing 12 college brands. The client wanted all their operations to independent of each other and required entire infrastructure automation. Handling this all under one roof was challenging, the institutions had many employees who were tasked with manually running routine and tedious tasks.

The Solution

As a mandatory practice at Axiom IO, we have started the engagement with a quick assessment of the infrastructure and application landscape. We have suggested migrating the client’s infrastructure to AWS and creating an AWS Organization, where each individual college have a different AWS account. We have recommended Ansible for the automation of infrastructure deployment and give governance to the entire environment from one single pane of glass through the use of Ansible Tower.

The Implementation

We have started the project by creating an AWS organization account which helped for the automation of resources such as EC2, VPC, Security Groups, S3, Subnets, Cloud Trails by leveraging the Ansible Jinja2 templates. This helped us in saving a lot of time for deployments across accounts and regions. Integration of ServiceNow with AWS allowed students and faculty of the university to handle all these requests for deployment through ServiceNow, instead of giving them direct access to AWS. This gave them the ability to select the service or resource they want to spin up in AWS and choose the account or region accordingly directly in ServiceNow. By leveraging the Ansible playbooks governed by an Ansible Tower helped in gaining insights.
Technologies used:

  • AWS DevOps
  • Python
  • Ansible
  • ServiceNow
  • Java Script
  • The Result

    With just a click away infrastructure automation in place, the clients are very pleased with the solution and they are experiencing excellent results in terms of efforts put in.