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Date: 15 January, 2020
Client :

The client is a US-based e-commerce product management solution provider, catering to a variety of customers in the public and private sectors. They offer cloud-based business intelligence that enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition through technology adoption. Their entire work premise was based upon cloud infrastructure, and they connected with Axiom IO with a specific requirement that needed high technical expertise.

What was the challenge?

The client was using Salesforce Lightning Experience as their intelligent user interface. However, their content source was connected to Onclick Javascript called Visualforce through custom buttons that SLE doesn’t support. In the existing scenario, the JavaScript called two Visualforce pages on the condition of a checkbox field of the record and passed the recordID into the URL of the VF pages.

The client required us to update the custom buttons to sync with the Lightning Experience, to deliver a seamless interface for the user.

What we offered

After a thorough audit and analysis of the requirements, our expert teams identified Lightning Components as a suitable solution to achieve the said outcome. We developed individual Lightning Components for the two buttons with an Enterprise license. Each component had a unique attribute through which we got the recordID. In the controller of the component, we developed the required JavaScript code to call the Visualforce pages in a pop-up window.

Further, we created an Apex controller for the components which returned the value of the checkbox field and the base URL of the Salesforce instance. An action was created on the appropriate object which initialized the component. The action was then placed on the record detail page layout.

What were the outcomes?

As a result of this exercise, we developed and implemented custom buttons for OnClick Javascript with the help of Lightning Components, in line with the requirement described by the client. This led to seamless navigation across the platform, and better user experience positively impacting customer delight.