Application Development

Application Development


The success of a software development process today, is determined largely by the quality of its user experience. In this age of a digitally driven world, the customer demands seamless interfaces with business applications like what they see with their social medial and personal apps.

Having delivered remarkable products for clients across different industries, Axiom IO is your go-to partner for creating cutting-edge software. We leverage latest and greatest technologies from top tier cloud providers to architect, design and develop new applications and integrations across the B2B value chain

Modern Architecture on AWS

Axiom IO’s cloud application development offering is based on modern serverless architecture. We develop new software and modernize complex legacy systems into cloud-native software stack. This results in resilient, scalable and cost optimized applications, deployed and hosted fully in the cloud.

We use state of the art methodologies such as domain driven design, behavior driven analysis and agile development. We are producing smaller and more frequent releases using containers and DevOps. This results quick refinement of customer requirements, adding new features at a rapid pace and accelerated innovation overall

Latest Software Stack on Azure

Businesses are looking for ways to accelerate innovation, enable new business models, cut costs and gain market share using latest cloud technologies. This journey requires understanding of business problems combined with deep technical expertise.

Axiom IO brings proven experience with Azure cloud services, ability to create scalable cloud architectures using serverless, microservices, No SQL databases, and other technologies.

tech stack

Sophisticated Technology Stack

As your innovative development partner, we use latest technologies, open-source frameworks, third party libraries and advanced tools to reduce effort and time in producing world class applications.

We consider reliability and performance aspects while designing a new system. We plan upfront for supportability. We do not compromise on security and scalability.

Your Dedicated Design Team

We believe user experience is essential in the modern digital world. Our expertise in design allows us to understand user requirements, overall business goals and create software that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

We see UX/UI design as a mission-critical element of any software product development project. We start with an idea, but them complement it with research, create product concept, make pixel perfect design. We enable development support and measure user analytics.