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Achieving Rapid Delivery Of High Quality Software With Continuous Delivery

AxiomIO-DevOps-gearsInstead of infrequently carrying out relatively big, heavy software releases, teams practicing Continuous Delivery instead aspire to deliver much smaller batches of change, but much more frequently than typical – weekly, daily, or potentially even multiple releases per day.

This style of software delivery can bring many benefits, but to get there requires work and potential changes to your software architecture, your development processes, and the working practices and processes within your organization.

Transforming Software Delivery With Devops

In today’s technology driven world, speed, agility and reduced time to market are becoming increasingly important. As more business moves online, existing business models and industries are disrupted and new ones are enabled. Every business is becoming a technology business by stealth, with industries such as retail, media, finance, telecommunications and travel all being reshaped by software.

DevOps is a key tool to compete against this backdrop – giving us the tools to go faster whilst retaining a rigorous, professionalized approach to IT.

Unblocking The Environmental Logjam With A DevOps Approach

Learn how a DevOps methodology helps remove the dev/test environment roadblocks that hold up release cycles.

During our work on DevOps transformation, the most common problem we find is related to environments.

There are never enough, and the environments which exist are expensive to run and frequently inconsistent between development, test and production.

The aims of this paper are threefold:

  • To illustrate the hidden costs and inefficiencies associated with what we call the environment logjam so that readers can see if these problems are relevant or perhaps accepted as the norm within their own organizations.
  • To explain how a devops approach can help to improve this situation – primarily through automation but also culture and working practices.
  • To highlight the business case for taking on improvement.


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• Healthcheck Assessments & Recommendation• Implement DevOps
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• Feasibility Analysis• Release & Configuration Management
• Architecture, Planning & Roadmap• Continuous Integration
• DevOps Solution Definition• Provision Infrastructure & Cloud
• Process Definition• Implement Monitoring and Analytics
• Automation & Tools Selection
• Organization Change Management