Why you Should Invest in Managed AWS Through a Partner

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) focus on application migration and cloud infrastructure. Those who make use of these services enjoy proactive management, monitoring, and automation of their environment. Here are some of the reasons why you need to invest in AWS managed services.

Consolidation of Amazon Web Services accounts

Working with several Amazon web services accounts is challenging in various ways and having a single platform where you can access all your other accounts is possible on this platform. This, in turn, ensures efficiency and close monitoring of all account under one umbrella.

Improves utilization

Getting the most out of Amazon web services is the epicenter of its core benefits, and this ensures optimization of these services while countering any dysfunction that you may experience from time to time.

Consolidated billing

Managed cloud services and Amazon web services capacity have independent bills for each of the services availed and rather than moving from one service to another to identify what bill is pending payment; you can put all bills to make your work easier.

Simplicity in management and analysis of Amazon Web Services usage

Close monitoring of each of the services availed is necessary, and you can enhance this by access to the partner’s web-based console and cloud management platform as well.

Provision to select services

AWS managed services offer you the opportunity to choose the level of services you need on any or each of the accounts available. In essence, this means that you will be able to focus your purchasing on the services you need only, while eliminating what you do not need. For more information, contact us.