Anxiety-Free Migration to the Cloud

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You’ve decided that migrating key business applications to a cloud environment is the right move. It will let your organization operate more efficiently and reliably. But you’re still worried about how to get there from here. If things go wrong and you don’t have a functioning system for a week, that could be painful to your company and disastrous for your career. How do you make sure the transition will be as smooth as possible, without seriously denting productivity?

It’s vital to plan the transition in detail. Identify any possible risks, and make sure there’s a way to deal quickly with problems. The plan needs to avoid any situation where there’s no way forward and no way back.

The first step is to set up a working environment on the cloud system with test data. This will make sure the approach is feasible, and employees will learn how to use the new environment. Make sure that they’re comfortable with the cloud environment before they have to use it with live data.

The hardest part is often the database migration. If you can run the local application with a cloud database as an interim step, that makes it easier. The cloud application will still run on the test data for now. After testing and verifying that setup, you can switch the cloud application from the test database to the live one.

It can help to clean up the database before migrating it. If you can safely remove dead information, that can simplify the migration effort. If there’s confidential information which really shouldn’t be there, this is an excellent time to remove it.

Be sure to have a fall back plan. Sometimes, even though you suppose you’ve thought of everything, you’ve overlooked some requirement, and you have to go back to the local application for a while. Don’t burn bridges.

Moving to a cloud environment is never a relaxing time, but with a good plan it shouldn’t be terrifying. If it’s well planned, the benefits will be worth the effort. Contact Axiom IO to learn how we can guide you through a smooth transition to the cloud.