Managed AWS: More Time Developing, Less Time Worrying

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Any business that does in-house app development or hosts their apps internally knows that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud platform for their app to run on. It’s very hard to beat the breadth and depth of AWS’s product line. But just because it’s well-known, and it’s the dominate vendor of cloud services, AWS is out-of-reach for many businesses due to their lack of ability and lack of resources to migrate their apps to AWS’s platform. No matter how powerful and feature-packed AWS is, many businesses can’t take full advantage of Amazon’s cloud platform.

While AWS has made leaps-and-bounds by solving the infrastructure problem that many businesses face from having to host their apps, AWS has birthed an entirely new problem: who’s going to migrate, deploy, monitor, and optimize their apps on the AWS platform? Qualified talent — such as AWS Engineers and Architects — is prohibitively expensive and relatively scarce, so this leaves many businesses without any available options to migrate to the cloud. This is where managed AWS providers — like Axiom IO — comes into the picture.

If your business is thinking about switching from bare-metal servers to AWS, then you may have to confront a paradoxical dilemma: AWS is a worthwhile investment but the challenges of migrating and managing your apps on AWS can turn that investment into an outright expense — even more than your previous situation. Axiom IO can provide the insight and expertise needed to successfully transition to the cloud, avoid costly situations, and truly capture all of the benefits of being on AWS with its AWS consulting services.