Migrating to AWS Cloud? Here is What You Need Know.

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AWS managed services are vitally important for those companies who’ve decided to take the major step of moving some, or even all, of their computing services to the AWS cloud.  ‘Those companies’ include major players like Netflix, Intuit, and Juniper who, according to an article by Charles McLellan titled IaaS in 2016:  Who can challenge Amazon?, are in fact going all-in and “are decommissioning their private data centers and running their businesses entirely on AWS’s on-demand compute, storage, networking, and other services.”  Charles McLellan notes that, “Until recently, such a strategy would have been regarded as madness by most CTOs.”  Not any more.

However, it would be unwise (or should we say ‘mad’, as in crazy) to make the move to AWS without expert help.  AWS is constantly evolving and it is the opinion of Gartner (“Gartner is the world’s most trusted source of Independent IT, Marketing and Supply Chain Research and Advice,” from Gartner’s web site) that, as stated in a Gartner research article by Lydia Leong, Gregor Petri, Bob Gill, and Mike Dorosh titled Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide, “Organizations that cannot quickly take advantage of new capabilities will not receive the full benefits of AWS’s rapid introduction of new services and expanded capabilities for existing services.  A customer’s best practices may become outdated as better or more cost-effective capabilities are introduced.  Less-sophisticated customers may become overwhelmed by the range of possible options; training and third-party assistance are strongly recommended.”

AWS managed services from Axiom IO provide the expertise necessary to migrate, deploy, monitor, and optimize AWS services for your organization. The move to AWS is an excellent choice and with the proper expertise at the ready, amazing possibilities are realized as the vast and growing array of AWS services are put into operation.