Desktop as a Service (DaaS) — It Makes Sense.

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By now your company is probably using cloud-based services of one type or another.  The great flexibility and cost advantages are the reason such services are used increasingly for so many business applications today.  And here’s more good news:  Your business may have another golden opportunity to realize major cost savings and enjoy anywhere, anytime access on mobile devices thanks to the Desktop as a Service implementation that Axiom IO offers, using the excellent, proven technology of Citrix.

Peter Bruzzese writes of the advantages DaaS offers in the August 2015 issue of  “DaaS provides IT the same advantages as local-network VDI — centralized desktop control and security, centralized data control and security, and centralized backup and disaster recovery for those virtual PCs — but also eliminates all the capital expense of an on-premises VDI deployment.”  Also, there is a tendency to overbuy equipment when deploying VDI and other desktop solutions.  That’s because future growth may dictate that more users than expected have to be provided for.  Not so with DaaS.  If you’ll have to add more users, you can simply rent more DaaS services for them as needed.

Since, as Peter Bruzzese notes in the same article cited above, “for most people most of the time, Internet connectivity is both available and reliable enough,” you’ll have great flexibility since mobile devices are able to use DaaS services basically anywhere.

If you’ve decided now is the time for your business to get into DaaS and reap the rewards, you are certainly not alone in making this smart decision. From the October 2015 issue of, quoting Nick Pegley, “We are seeing growing demand from companies wanting their full suite of applications available to them from any place and from any device, not just their email and a browser.” Also from the same article, “The Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence conducted the survey of over 500 Citrix service providers worldwide in Q2 2015. The survey found that 71 percent of participants said they expect DaaS revenue growth over the next year. Out of those respondents, 52 percent expect growth between 16 and 50 percent, while 17 percent expect growth over 50 percent.”

The numbers that are coming in lately tell us that the Citrix DaaS solution is definitely a winner and should be the first choice for your business.